Unsure if it’s Covid-19? Your guide to who to contact and when

The fact you have clicked on this article is a clear indication that you are unsure who to contact relating to your wellbeing right now. During the pandemic circumstances, you are not alone in feeling unsure of what the best practice is for seeking help when you have concerns about your health.

You are in the right place – this article is here to help guide you through your uncertainty.

The corona virus has undoubtedly impacted all of our lives by now, and fast. With all the change happening right now, it can be difficult to navigate seeking healthcare. Particularly so when many of us are in quarantine in our homes.

A fantastic option, one that doesn’t involve leaving our homes, is online medical services. With the development of technology in recent years, it’s now possible to access support and guidance from a professional, qualified doctor from the comfort and the safety of our own home.

Across the world, many health services (including public ones) are rapidly putting online services in place in response to the arrival of Covid-19 in all of our lives. However, there are also many services already in place, as there has been a significant shift to web based services all over the world.

You might be suffering with symptoms entirely unrelated to the corona virus right now, and you are in need of guidance to help you cope with or overcome your symptoms or pain levels.

You might be someone who is concerned about symptoms that may indicate you have caught the corona virus, and you want to talk through what you’re experiencing with a medical professional without calling out the emergency services.

Perhaps you are someone who is caring for someone at home, and you would like the support of a healthcare medic to guide you on how best to look after them both in the current situation and longer term.

The key to effective medical care is always timing. Although healthcare systems all over the world are overwhelmed right now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek help when you really need it.

Seeking help from an online medical service could be an option where you feel listened to when it matters while lessening pressure on your local medical services. You will also greatly reduce the risk of infection (both passed on and contracted) by staying safely within your home while you seek web-based medical help.

No one knows your body better than you. If you feel that your symptoms are concerning based on the list of corona related symptoms you have read about, or you have a condition that you cannot manage by yourself any longer, then it’s time to seek appropriate healthcare support.

The current corona related situation has taught us all the true value of our health. Now, more than ever, we are learning the deeper value of self care.