Five Amazing New Ways To Lose Weight

It is common knowledge that obesity has become a significant problem among both upper and middle income households all over the world.

The statistics show that the number of people who are going to be overweight in the coming years are going to be even higher.

It is essential, therefore, that ways to prevent excessive weight gain, as well as means to effect rapid and healthy weight loss be discovered and shared with the general populace.

The traditional methods of weight loss, namely food restriction and anaerobic exercise, there have been new and exciting discoveries regarding means to lose weight and keep it gone.

Learn Amazing New Ways to lose Weight

I’ll outline 5 of the healthiest and most effective ways in the following paragraphs.

1. Keto Dieting

ways to lose weight - keto diet

A ketogenic diet is one that contains a low amount of carbohydrates, this forces your body to make use of other sources of energy to power its daily activities. Incidentally, the chief alternate source of energy is from fats and it’s by products, which is exactly what we’re trying to get rid of!

Brilliant, isn’t it?



2. Activate Brain Power

new ways to lose weight - brain power

The main culprit responsible for overeating is neither your hands or your mouth, it’s your brain.

Research has shown that most impulsive eaters have visual stimulus that encourages their overeating.

In order to avoid excessive eating and boost weight loss, therefore, it is important to train your brain to avoid these stimuli.

That means no flashy ads, no second looks at that new Burger King offering, and avoiding food blogs and Instagram pages.

3. Eat More, At Least During Breakfast

heavy breakfast - new ways to lose weight

It was commonly accepted knowledge years ago that eating sparingly at breakfast was healthier, but recent research has shown that this is actually false. Scientists have demonstrated that a heavy breakfast, complete with tasty dessert, activates the reward centres in our brains and gives us a feeling of satiety throughout the day.

Eating a heavier breakfast will therefore serve to keep hunger pangs at bay throughout the day, and as a result, stop overeating and weight loss.


4. More Milk

new amazing ways to lose weight - milk

Dairy, aside from being a healthy source of the right amounts of vitamins and minerals has been shown to have the added advantage of boosting weight loss. It does this by encouraging the buildup of protein and muscle mass, which in turn increases metabolism and energy expended throughout the day, leading to a leaner, fitter you.


5. Moderate Amounts of Coffee

coffee - new ways to lose weight

The ever helpful medical researchers have shown that coffee can help boost your metabolism by as much as 12 percent for up to three hours, according to the American Journal of Nutrition.

As with everything else though, use this with caution, we all know how too much coffee can make cause the dreaded coffee intoxication, so experts recommend no more than 300 grams a day.


Numerous people have followed the above steps and seen amazing results, follow them and you can too.