Pollens are tiny grain or particles produced mainly from flowers, trees, weeds, and grasses as a result of fertilization processes to reproduce. As a light-weighted substance, the pollens are easily carried around by the air. The Pollen Count means the degree or level of pollen dust estimated to be in the atmosphere at a particular point in time.

High Pollen Count Effects:

Aside from pollination advantage that help triggers positive environmental change in which human will always benefits from, it also comes with some adverse health constraints such as nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat among others. And these symptoms tend to be more evident more in people that are natural allergic to pollens. But not to worry there now exist numerous ways in which pollens can be reduced to a health-friendly minimum because it can’t be eradicated entirely.


Ways to Reduce Pollen Count:

  • Consider getting air purifier in your apartment, this helps extracts and neutralize any form of airborne pollen particles. And they come in different sizes and functionality.
  • Using of nose mask and sun shade where the pollen density is high.
  • Proper tiding up your immediate environment and gardens.

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