Saturated Fat

Saturated fats are of substantial effects to our body systems. Saturated fats are defined as fat molecules that are single bonded. It describes the fatty acid chains that contain glycerol and fatty acid. Saturated fats consist of long chains of atoms of carbon atoms. Despite the fact that saturated fats are beneficial to our body, overdose is harmful. According to American Heart Association, you should consume up to 5% to 6% calories of saturated fat. That is an approximation of about 13% per day. This will help in maintaining low levels of cholesterol in your body.

Types of food containing saturated fats:

Many foods contain saturated fat naturally. Animal foods contain a higher percentage of saturated fats while plants have unsaturated fats. Below is a selected list of some foods containing saturated fats.
• pork
• lamb
• fatty beef
• tallow
• lard and cream
• butter
• cheese
• poultry with skin

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Besides the aforementioned, some baked foods and fried foods contain saturated fats. Additionally, palm oil, coconut oil, kernel oil are plant-based oils that contain some percentage (primarily) of saturated fats. Good enough, they are cholesterol free.

Risks associated with high saturated fats intake

Consumption of high levels of saturated fats pauses risk to your body. The risks involved are likely to affect specific parts of your body system. Many lifestyle diseases are caused by high intake of saturated fats.

• Saturated fats increase the levels of cholesterol. This then results in heart and blood vessel diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

• Stroke: Accumulation of cholesterol around the blood vessels makes it difficult for the blood to flow into the brain and in other parts of the body.

• Too much intake of saturated fats lead to heart disease, according to American Heart Association

• Eating foods with high amounts of saturated in large amounts leads to cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol will accumulate around the heart making it difficult to pump blood to other parts of the body.

• There are high chances of becoming obese if you are consuming much-saturated fats.

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