Menopause Symptoms

Menopause Symptoms:

Following are the main menopause symptoms:

Hot Flashes

Hot flash is one of the noted symptoms of menopause that women often complain of. Milder hot flashes are also referred as hot flushes. Hot flashes are extreme internal heat or sudden feeling of heat in some part of the body. The part of the body mostly affected are face and chest, though any other part of the body can be warmth during hot flashes. Hot flashes can last up to 20 minutes and in some extreme cases it does occur in an interval of one hour. The severity of hot flash increases as the age of a woman grows. This is due to decrease in the estrogen level and hormonal imbalance.

Osteoporosis & Bone Loss

Osteoporosis is most common symptoms of menopausal symptoms. Menopausal woman is at risk of bone breakage. Osteoporosis causes bone fragility and bone loss. Osteoporosis can be minimized by taking vitamins and minerals especially calcium.

Mood Swings

Mood swing is associated with menopausal women. This can disrupt personal and professional relationship. This symptom is also attributed to the low level of estrogen level. The frequency and intensity of mood swing vary with individual. Some other factors can affect mood swings such as stress.

Vaginal Dryness

This is the most serious symptoms of menopause. If care is not taken, this symptom can cause marital rift in the family. This symptom is also attributed to lowering of estrogen in the body, the vaginal wall becomes stiff and dry. The vaginal can become shorter, narrower and easily irritated. This makes sexual intercourse difficult and painful.

Weight Gain

There is a menopausal belly weight gain in the woman of menopausal age. This weight gain shift from another part of the body to the waist. This excessive weight gain puts strain to the internal organs such as heart. This can lead to artery and heart diseases in women. This symptom is also attributed to low estrogen level.

Sensational Movement

At this age, women start to experience some kind of sensational movement in the body. It is like an ant crawling on the body. In most cases, some feel sweat trickling down from their body, but when try to wipe it off, they will see nothing. Tingling sensation can be noticed around the faces and other internal body. This is attributed to low levels of estrogen.

Other menopause symptoms are:

• decreased libido
• fatigue
• difficulty in concentration
• memory loss
• breast tenderness
• aching joints
• depression and anxiety
• Sleep disorder


Hormonal replacement therapy: This involves administration of estrogen and progesterone to fill the depleting hormone in the body and alleviate menopausal symptoms.


Menopause is just change in the physiology of a woman which must occur in every woman, though it differs in ages. Every woman should be armed to wait for it’s coming. Get enough information of menopause and always consult your doctor or pharmacist for proper education on it.

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