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The HealthUp is a platform with a dedication towards updating readers with the latest health updates and quality health tips.


The HealthUp platform aims to educate the public, patients, clinicians and researchers in healthcare and medical disciplines with modern developments and updates.


The HealthUp is an accredited healthcare platform by the European Society for Translational Medicine, Austrian Society for Translational Medicine and European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine.


We understand the kinds of information sought by different stakeholders in the health field. That is why our website has been structured into sections to cater for everyone. The language used is simple and easy to understand for everyone.

Scientific articles:

This is the choice destination for researchers looking for current information about what other health researchers are working on. We provide summaries of recently published works and trending researches in healthcare.


This section provides health professionals with information concerning health practice around the world. It’s the section that’s concerned with helping medical professionals have fulfilling careers.

Health Updates:

Looking for current health news that’s easy to read and digest? This is exactly the right spot. You will find simple, information-laden articles that would add to your knowledge about yourself and healthcare.

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We are delighted with our gradually expanding reach. Many trust us already for timely health information. Question is what are you waiting for? We are here to ensure you get the necessary health information updates and the journey would be a lot easier with you on the train.

Public, Patients, Pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses, Researchers, Policymakers and other stakeholders in the health sector can all join in on this ride. There’s enough room for everyone!